Radyo Dengê Med
  • Address:

  • Radyo Dengê-Med
  • Türkenstraße. 59
  • 80799 Munich (München)
  • Germany (Deutschland)
  • Radyo Dengê Med is a German-based radio station that is dedicated to serving the Kurdish community both within Germany and across the world. The station's name, which translates to "Voice of Med Radio," reflects its mission to be a platform for the Kurdish people to share their voices and cultural traditions through music and conversation.

    One of the primary genres of music played on Radyo Dengê Med is Kurdish songs. The station's playlist is carefully curated to include both contemporary and traditional Kurdish music, highlighting the richness and diversity of the Kurdish musical tradition. From lively folk songs to heartfelt ballads, listeners can expect to hear a range of Kurdish musical styles and themes.

    In addition to Kurdish songs, Radyo Dengê Med also features classical music programming. This includes works by both well-known composers as well as lesser-known artists from the Kurdish classical music tradition. The station's classical music programming is intended to expose listeners to the beauty and complexity of Kurdish classical music, which has a rich history that spans centuries.

    One of the unique aspects of Radyo Dengê Med is that it broadcasts primarily in the Kurdish language. This includes both Kurdi and Kurdish, two of the main dialects of Kurdish spoken across different regions. By broadcasting in Kurdish, the station is able to provide a valuable service to the Kurdish community, many of whom may not have access to other media outlets in their native language.

    Overall, Radyo Dengê Med is a vital resource for the Kurdish community in Germany and beyond. Through its carefully curated programming of Kurdish songs and classical music, as well as its commitment to broadcasting in Kurdish, the station helps to preserve and promote Kurdish culture and traditions. Whether you are a member of the Kurdish community or simply interested in learning more about Kurdish music and culture, Radyo Dengê Med is a must-listen radio station.

  • Website address: https://www.denge-med.de
  • Webmaster: Cemil. A
  • Country: Germany (Munich)
  • Genres: Kurdish songs, Klasik
  • Languages: Kurdî / Kurmancî, Kurdish
  • You can listen: Koma Rozerîn, Koma Zerdeştê Kal, Xelîl Derbas, Hozan Diyar, Koma Pîra, Şahram Nazerî, Koma Mizgîn, Hozan Halî (Ali), Mikail Aslan, Navid Zardî, Şivan Perwer, Koma Hezex, Aramê Dîkran, Koma Gulan, Koma Dîlan, Hozan Aydîn, Koma Zelal, Alî Baran, Koma Azadî, Diyar Alkiş, Cemîl Qocgirî, Mem Ararat, Zêvo Derbas, Koma Berxwedan, Mehmet Atlî and much more.
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