Kurd set TV

Watch online live stream Kurd Sat TV

Kurd set TV is a Kurdish satellite channel based in the city of Sulaimany, Kurdistan Region. It is a general cultural TV channel that covers a wide range of areas and topics. Kurd sat Broadcasting Corporation has been broadcasting since 8 January 2000 and belongs to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. 

The station broadcasts programs in Kurdish language, which can be watched live on their stream online or via satellite television subscription services. The programming includes news bulletins, documentaries, movies, music videos as well as educational and entertainment programs for children and adults alike.
Kurdsat also produces its own original content such as drama series, comedy shows and talk shows featuring prominent guests from around the world. They also have special events' coverage like sports tournaments or political debates with experts from different fields discussing current affairs related to Kurdistan region's politics and economy.

In addition to this they broadcast various religious programmes which are aimed at strengthening faith among viewers by providing spiritual guidance through sermons delivered by renowned scholars from all over Iraq including both Sunnis & Shiites. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for people to learn more about Islamic culture & traditions through informative documentaries & other programmes related to religion & spirituality.

Overall, Kurd sat TV is an important source of information, entertainment & education for millions of viewers across Kurdistan region who rely on it for daily updates on local issues as well as international developments. With its diverse selection of programming, it continues to serve its audience with quality content while striving towards further development in order to meet their needs better than ever before.

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